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Pension freedoms: a success?
Pension freedoms offer the flexibility needed for a long retirement, but you may need expert financial advice to get it right.   Have you noticed a recent surge in the number of pensioners powering down your local high street in Lamborghinis? Probably not, but that was the concern when new pension freedoms were introduced in April 2015.
Pensions and Divorce
Our Technical View, published in October 2017 introduced you to the topic of Pensions and Divorce.  This month, in recognition of Divorce Day (8 January), we are looking specifically at pension sharing orders, what they are and how they can affect your client’s pension pot. 
Section 32 – Transfer pension portfolio
Key documents.
Weighing up client choices for taking pension benefits
Following the introduction of the pension flexibilities in April 2015, individuals now have a much wider choice over how to take their pension benefits up to the Lifetime Allowance (LTA). Of course it very much depends on (i) the options available under the member’s pension scheme, and (ii) the member’s personal circumstances.
How did pension freedoms change our approach to retirement?
Since pension freedoms were introduced in 2015, clients can have a flexible retirement income strategy that is suitable for them. Plus, the advantage of passing their pension assets down through the generations free from inheritance tax. This has given advisers a great opportunity to provide their clients with a holistic plan, which covers both their accumulation and decumulation needs.
Pension Options
Cut through the jargon and complexity with our comprehensive guide to some of the most frequently used terms relating to financial markets, investing and managing personal wealth.
Is there more to retirement planning than pensions?
Pensions should be the first port of call for clients looking to fund their retirement – they are, after all, one of the most tax-efficient way to save.
Pension Changes in 2018 and beyond
2017 was a relatively quiet year for pensions compared with previous years, and while there is nothing momentous coming up, there are still a few things happening in 2018 and beyond.
Pension Sharing on Divorce – some FAQs
this edition looks at some FAQs on pension sharing on divorce or on the dissolution of a civil partnership.
Under-45s exposed by pension shortfall
More than two fifths (43%) of under-45s risk being left high and dry in retirement, estimating that a savings pot of £100,000 is enough to fund their retirement, according to new research from Sanlam UK.

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