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Sanlam Investments announces the launch of the Asia Pacific Artificial Intelligence Fund. It provides direct revenue exposure to companies in the Asia Pacific region that have the potential to harness the power of AI.
Chris Ford, Fund Manager, gives an overview of the Sanlam Artificial Intelligence Fund, its philisophy and the reasons why it was launched in the first place.
By 2025, nearly a quarter of global GDP is estimated to come from digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Companies need to embrace new technology or become obsolete. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution!
Only by doing things differently can one truly yield different results. The Sanlam Artificial Intelligence Fund uses a unique, proprietary AI platform to identify suitable companies. Chris Ford, fund manager, explains this process and how it’s used to seek out true alpha.
Giles Worthington, Fund Manager, provides an update to investors on the Fund's performance and long-term strategy.
An increasing proportion of retailers are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to strengthen their long-term business model, from forecasting customer demand and managing stock to automating deliveries and returns. Although Covid-19 accelerated the evolution in consumers’ approach to shopping, AI is driving the long-term revolution in how those shops are run.
Designed to provide long-term capital growth through exposure to one of the global economy’s  most important investment themes.
In the World Economic Forum’s analysis of top global risks, climate change and related issues are of primary significance, as are disease, digital inequality, and cyber insecurity. Nowhere do the words ‘war’ or ‘terrorism’ appear. Following our event, the Future of Security, we speak again to Jonathan Shaw who shares his thoughts on the most serious global security risks.
Providing investors with direct revenue exposure to companies in the Asia Pacific region that have the potential to harness the power of AI.
Early adoption of artificial intelligence in your portfolio could benefit from an investment theme that's transforming life as we know it. Chris Ford explains.
Providing exposure to underappreciated growth utilising a thematic framework with the added benefit of AI-enhanced stock screening.
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