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Global equities: an inflation hedge with better liquidity?
With traditional bonds providing limited inflation protection, investors with inflation-linked liabilities often seek alternative ‘real’ asset investments such as real estate and infrastructure. However, this may overlook what a great inflation hedge equities can be, whilst also underappreciating the potential drawbacks that alternative assets might embed.
Three things everyone should know about inflation
For an investment manager inflation is the enemy. It is almost always out there in the world working every day to erode the value of our clients’ investments. Our goal is to do our job well enough that over time we beat it and increase the buying power of our clients’ money.
Education Inflation: planning for school fees
It’s that time of year again – new uniform, new shoes, and a sigh of relief from parents around the country as the school gates open for another year. It’s also the time of year when education is front-of-mind, and parents consider the best route for their child, whatever age they happen to be.
Keeping a close eye on inflation
Amid strong global economic growth and positive market sentiment, it would be premature to talk of an economic downturn. But with US inflation above target and set to increase further, interest rates on the rise and ongoing talk of a trade war, it’s important to look beyond the current economic cycle.
The five financial risks threatening retirees in 2019
Despite the negativity surrounding Brexit, as well as other recent economic uncertainty, investors and businesses have been enjoying excellent conditions for the last few years. Low inflation, low borrowing costs and a rising equity market with low volatility have all been features of the most recent economic cycle.
Market Outlook: March
Since the Federal Reserve (Fed) paused interest rate hikes, markets have been taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach, leading to a recovery in equity valuations and a period of relative calm. But with inflation pressures still evident in both the US and UK, and the outlook for growth looking uncertain, our focus is on three potential scenarios as the year progresses.
Beware of the risks you can’t see, not the ones you can
A news agenda dominated by Brexit, Trump and Trade Wars has understandably led to nervousness among our clients for several years now. This wasn’t helped by the market correction late last year, which reminded us that volatility can be just around the corner.
The after effects of the US ‘sugar rush’
We’ve all experienced the consequences of a sugar rush: lethargy, sluggishness and plenty of volatility. But can the same principles be applied to economies and their own versions of artificial stimulus?
Interest rate cut, tariffs and trade war - Weekly market update
Welcome to our weekly newsletter, where we summarise the key market developments over the last seven days. There’s plenty to cover this week, as despite hitting the August “quiet period”, markets have been anything but. Read on to hear how we view the current market environment and what it means for us as long-term investors.
Noise, Sell-offs and Recovery - Weekly market update
Welcome to our weekly newsletter, where we summarise the key market developments over the last seven days.
Risks are inevitable and not to be feared
Towards the end of last month, we took another step closer to a ‘no deal’ Brexit with the approval of a suspended parliament in September. While critics declared it a ‘constitutional outrage’, it was the latest twist in what has been an extraordinary political saga.
Saudi oil struck, Fed cuts rates and China slows
Welcome to our weekly newsletter where we summarise the key market developments over the last seven days.

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