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Why today’s interest rate hike should be the first, and last, for the foreseeable future
In response to the Bank of England’s decision to increase interest rates to 0.5%
Is there more to retirement planning than pensions?
Pensions should be the first port of call for clients looking to fund their retirement – they are, after all, one of the most tax-efficient way to save.
Spreading the love
Life has become increasingly expensive for young people and for many the pressure of high property prices, expensive university education and the need to save for their own retirement is overwhelming. While the older generation, who benefited from rising house prices and final salary pensions, have arguably ‘never had it so good’, their children and grandchildren are struggling.
Engaging the self-employed in saving for their future
Julia Peake, National Account Manager, reflects on a report published by the Department for Work & Pensions and discusses how we can engage the self-employed with their pension savings.
How much do I need to save for an average retirement income?
The gap between the amount of money people think they need, and what they actually require for a happy retirement can be huge, and sometimes life changing.
The pillars of a functioning economy: why are they so important?
The pillars of a functioning economy guide the positioning of the Sanlam Real Assets Fund. They include healthcare, housing, energy, water, transport and education: namely, the things that enable our economy to function properly.
Global economy blossoms, while the UK falters
As the global economy continues to enjoy strong growth, our macroeconomic outlook is one of cautious optimism. We’re optimistic because company earnings growth is good thanks to supportive US fiscal and monetary policy, and this trend looks set to continue. At the same time, interest rates in the US, Europe and Japan are still well below levels that could tip the global economy into a recession.
New to investing
First-time investing can be daunting. Sanlam’s investment managers will choose the strategy that best suits your needs and guide you through the whole process.
Savings calculator
It’s always a good idea to think ahead. Whether you’re saving to buy a property, pay for a wedding or putting some money aside for a rainy day, our savings calculator can help. Just enter the amount you would like to achieve and the regular payments you’re aiming for, and we’ll calculate how close you are to achieving your goal.
US economy diverges from the rest of the world
Two useful indicators of economic growth are the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), and the Institute of Supply Management Index (ISM). These indices give investors an insight into the health of manufacturing and supply chains – both of which are at the forefront of business and, therefore, the wider economy.
More of the same, but signs of a slowing economy
Markets composed themselves in March, as the US Federal Reserve (Fed) capitulated to demands to pause the interest-rate hiking cycle and investors’ fears about economic growth receded. In contrast to the abrupt change of heart by Chairman Jerome Powell, our investment strategy and views on the underlying economy are unchanged. 
Should we be concerned about a slowing economy?
It’s safe to say investors have enjoyed a positive 2019, so far. But with several key nations including Germany, UK, Canada, South Korea, China and Japan predicting weaker economic conditions, and growth in the US economy looking set to slow, should we be concerned, or is this the opportunity we’ve been waiting for?

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