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Brexit, bond funds and black swans
In this weekly review we look at the risks to global trade and and what they mean for investors
Investing for growth: how to Brexit and Corbyn-proof your portfolio
How do you tackle political risk in portfolios?
Why Brexit needn’t keep us awake at night
How we feel about Brexit very much depends on one’s perspective. Regardless on the lens through which you view this fascinating chapter in our country’s history, one thing remains true - since the day of the referendum itself, there is very little most of us can do to control the outcome.
Divorce …and we don’t mean Brexit
We will be doing a series of Technical Views on this subject over the coming months and how financial advisers can add value to the process.
Risks are inevitable and not to be feared
Towards the end of last month, we took another step closer to a ‘no deal’ Brexit with the approval of a suspended parliament in September. While critics declared it a ‘constitutional outrage’, it was the latest twist in what has been an extraordinary political saga.
Q4 2018 market and funds update
Global markets were seeped in volatility in Q4 as the combination of trade tensions, rising interest rates, Brexit and European politics proved too much for markets in October.
Beware of the risks you can’t see, not the ones you can
A news agenda dominated by Brexit, Trump and Trade Wars has understandably led to nervousness among our clients for several years now. This wasn’t helped by the market correction late last year, which reminded us that volatility can be just around the corner.
Capital protection is key as global growth slows
As 2018 draws to a close, we’re taking a slightly more defensive position on behalf of our clients, with capital protection underpinning many of our investment decisions. Here we explain why we’ve further reduced our exposure to equities, and what we see as the key risks to economic growth going forward.
The five financial risks threatening retirees in 2019
Despite the negativity surrounding Brexit, as well as other recent economic uncertainty, investors and businesses have been enjoying excellent conditions for the last few years. Low inflation, low borrowing costs and a rising equity market with low volatility have all been features of the most recent economic cycle.
UK companies a dividend goldmine
Equity market volatility has increased in recent times and investors have experienced a far bumpier ride in 2018 than the previous year. However, regular dividend payments provide comfort to investors when the value of their investments fluctuates as a result of stock market volatility.
Inverting the yield curve; what’s the prognosis for long term investors?
Welcome to our weekly newsletter, where we summarise the key market developments over the last seven days.
Sanlam Multi-Strategy Fund
A diversified, absolute return fund that aims to participate in rising markets and defend capital during downturns.

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