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Our savings calculator can help you see what your potential savings will be with intreast. The intreast savings allow for choosing an investment risk level and linking savings to inflation. Begin by entering your target savings into the calculator below.

Important information about the savings calculator

I am looking to save
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What is inflation?
Inflation measures how much the costs of everyday goods and services go up over time and as a result, how much the value of money goes down. For example, in 1960 you could buy an average house for around £2,500, while today the average house price is nearly 100 times more expensive. That’s why investing your money can help preserve your long-term spending power.

So if you want to save up for something several years in the future, it might be worth linking your monthly savings above to inflation to give you a more realistic idea of how long it will take you to reach your goal. If your savings goal is shorter-term, you might choose to link your savings to today’s value.

I will be saving for
I would like to put my savings in a

Lower risk - This type of strategy may be attractive for people wanting to protect their savings while offering room for their money to grow. Investments in this category carry risk but seek to minimise it.
Medium risk - This type of strategy is designed to grow money steadily over the long term. These strategies carry risk, and usually invest in a mix of different assets to diversify the risks of investing while still growing investors’ money.
Higher risk - Higher risk strategies can be considered for investors seeking to grow their savings significantly over the long-term. While these strategies increase the opportunity for growth, investors must be able to cope with more significant falls in the value of their savings, while remaining focussed on their long-term goals.

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You’re on track to achieve your savings target. But simple changes to your saving and investing habits can help you reach your target more quickly or increase the size of the overall pot. Speak to our financial planners today. 

You're almost there – contact our financial planners and we'll make sure you're back on track in no time. You'll need to start saving a little more each month or give yourself a bit more time to reach your goals.

You're not yet on track for reaching your goals, but our financial planners can talk you through your options. Consider saving more each month, changing your investment strategy or delaying your plans if you can. 

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Using the savings calculator

We’ve designed our savings calculator to make it easy for you to work out if you’re on track to meet your goals.

  • Step 1: Enter your target savings
  • Step 2: Include your current savings
  • Step 3: Input your planned regular monthly or yearly payments
  • Step 4: linking your savings to inflation (Leave as linked if unsure)
  • Step 5: Choose how long you intent to save
  • Step 6: Investment risk level for savings intreast (Leave as medium if unsure)

Talk to an expert about your savings calculator result

Whether you are on track to reach your savings goal or still have some way to go, we’ll help talk you through your savings options. We can work with you to create an investment portfolio that’s aligned with your needs and circumstances.

The starting point is a discussion with one of our wealth planners where you can tell us about your financial situation, priorities, life goals and attitude to risk. You can complete our savings calculator and request a call back, email us at or give us a call on 0117 975 2125.


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The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.