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Onus placed on monetary policy to avoid recession
Pressure is building on central banks to lower interest rates and help the global economy stave off the threat of recession. The European Central Bank (ECB) failed to deliver a rate cut in July, but the US Federal Reserve (Fed), after much talk, finally ‘walked the walk’ on the last day of the month and reduced interest rates for the first time since 2008.
Why today’s interest rate hike should be the first, and last, for the foreseeable future
In response to the Bank of England’s decision to increase interest rates to 0.5%
Ian Plenderleith
Chairman of Sanlam UK Board
The 7 best places to find unclaimed or lost money in your name
There is thought to be somewhere between £15bn and £77bn in unclaimed money sitting in forgotten investments, pensions, bank accounts and a whole range of other places in the UK. So, how can you go about finding out if any of it is yours?
ECB announces fresh round of stimulus, equity markets swell
ECB brings back QE; what negative rates mean for investors, and how we position portfolios in a world gone backwards
What high earners need to know about the tapered annual allowance
Sheila Tindle, Sanlam’s Head of Office in Teesside explains what higher earners need to consider when making pension contributions.
Did the Fed just restart quantitative easing?
Find out the answer and what it means for investors in our weekly market update.
5 reasons why you should use your ISA allowance
The Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance rose to £20,000 in the last tax year (2017-18), by far its most generous level since the ISA was launched 20 years ago. But are you making the most of this allowance? And if not, why not?
Conor Walsh, CFA
Assistant Fund Manager

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