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The website privacy policy
Board diversity policy
The Board diversity policy
Watch: Global equity markets, a tale of two halves
Global equity markets during 2018 were a tale of two halves. After an initially strong start, a number of macro concerns – especially those around emerging markets – impacted how we’ve positioned the Sanlam Global High Quality Fund. We provide some perspective on some of these concerns, and on what investors may expect for the remainder of 2019.
What to be aware of in 2019: Key considerations for advisers
As the new tax year starts we look forward to what 2019 holds. Our technical team has put together a handy guide of some of the key information you will need to consider when advising your clients.
Sanlam Investents Pillar 3, Stewardship Code and Remuneration Disclosure
Sanlam Investments Pillar 3, Stewardship Code and Remuneration Disclosure
The end of the road for diesel cars, but is electric ready to take its place?
New registrations of passenger vehicles have always been a widely-watched barometer of the health of the general economy and consumer sentiment. So, when new car sales (petrol and diesel) in the UK plunged 15% in March compared to 2017, investors were quick to take notice.
Pillar III Disclosure
The Pillar III Disclosure
What’s your number?
Our lives are guided by numbers – from the time we set the alarm to wake up in the morning, to how much that flight costs or which platform your train is leaving from. Yet many of us remain unaware of some of the most important numbers that will profoundly shape our lives.
Website Terms of Use
The Terms of Use
An overview of the tapered annual allowance
The tapered annual allowance came into being in April 2016, and since that time, more and more high income individuals are feeling the effects. 2019/20 is the first tax year when higher amounts of unused annual allowance from the pre-taper years will not be available to carry forward. Here we highlight the key things to consider when calculating your tax liabilities.
Sanlam's Cookie Policy
Sanlam's Cookie Policy

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