Free OneSIPP when you invest with Sanlam

Flexibility and control are key in order to meet your clients’ different investment objectives with precision.
For clients embarking on their retirement journey, keeping costs low is also an important factor.

Whether your clients choose to access our award-winning investment expertise through either a unitised multi-asset solution or a bespoke portfolio managed on their behalf around their individual investment objectives, OneSIPP makes this possible at a lower cost.

By investing in our multi-asset range of funds or discretionary fund management service, not only will your clients have all the usual benefits that our OneSIPP offers, such as a wide investment choice and flexi-access drawdown, but the initial and annual SIPP charges will be waived for qualifying investments.

What investments are included in the offer?

There are two different routes to access the expertise of our award-winning investment team through the free OneSIPP offer. Each investment solution has a minimum qualifying investment amount as detailed below:

  • Sanlam Multi-Asset Range

    The Sanlam multi-asset range uses the same investment philosophy and process behind our discretionary portfolios but with lower management fees in a unitised fund structure.

    Clients investing £100,000 and above will benefit from having the OneSIPP initial and annual charges waived. Please read the OneSIPP At A Glance document for further details on charges.

    The range consists of four directly invested funds with different long-term return and risk objectives so they may appeal to a variety of clients depending on their individual risk appetite:

    • Sanlam Conservative Fund (risk profile 2)

    • ​Sanlam Defensive Fund (risk profile 3)

    • Sanlam Cautious Fund (risk profile 4)

    • Sanlam Balanced Fund (risk profile 5)

    • Sanlam Growth Fund (risk profile 6)

    Investments in the range through the OneSIPP special deal will be made through insured mirror funds which invest directly in the underlying fund and clients hold units in the mirror fund.

    These funds 'mirror' the performance of the underlying fund that they invest in. The unit price of the mirror fund will be different to that of the underlying fund as each fund will have a different launch date. Performance of the mirror fund compared to the underlying fund may slightly differ due to differing charges and cash holdings required to facilitate fund flows.

    Find out more about our Multi-Asset range

  • Discretionary Fund Management

    Designed to support you and your clients manage their investments with a tailored service, our discretionary service comes with a dedicated investment professional who will create and then manage bespoke client portfolios in line with their specific requirements. 

    Clients investing £350,000 and above will benefit from having the OneSIPP initial and annual charges waived. Please read the OneSIPP At A Glance document for further details on charges.

    Experience matters

    The team has been established for more than 15 years and has experience across a range of asset classes including equities, fixed income, property (listed and non-listed) and alternatives. They have the expertise required to seek out investment opportunities from around the world and adapt to a continuously changing investment environment.

    Ethical investing

    As well as providing the choice of active and passive investments, our portfolio managers are able to create bespoke ethical portfolios which are focused on meeting investment objectives while reflecting ethical considerations. With over 20 years' ethical investment experience, we are proud to offer this capability as part of our DFM service.

    Working in partnership with you

    Our discretionary management teams have offices across the country and will work with you and your clients to build portfolios to suit their financial needs and requirements. You can speak to our portfolio managers as much or as little as you like, and we encourage regular contact so that we can review performance and respond to any changes.

    Find out more about our DFM service

How to apply

Sanlam Multi-Asset Range

  1. Complete an illustration through the Sanlam Portal

  2. Complete the OneSIPP Application Form (insured funds)

  3. Send the application form, once signed and dated by the client to Sanlam UK, One Temple Quay, 1 Temple Back East, Bristol, BS1 6DZ

Discretionary Fund Management

Please contact either your Account Director or our Sales Support team who will help you with the application process.

Please read the OneSIPP At A Glance document for further details on OneSIPP and this special deal.

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