Taking care of substantial and complex wealth requires extensive experience and insight. That is why we have created the private office to act as the focal point for Sanlam’s resources for wealthy families.

The private office is a centre of excellence to support the requirements of individuals, families, charities and trusts with in excess of £1m to invest across all of their affairs. Investment management and financial planning sit at the heart of the service with a focus on our high-net-worth bespoke offering for clients with very specific needs such as legacy holdings, capital gains oversight or ethical restrictions. We offer a suite of services and solutions that constitute a total wealth solution for high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals within the private office.

  • Investment management

    The private office is an investment-led proposition with its own dedicated team of portfolio managers. We benefit from a robust investment process, which has led to market-leading investment performance.

  • Family governance and communication

    We believe decisions are best taken together, and encourage families to be open with each other about their goals and expectations by establishing a governance structure. We can also help them find ways to share information, such as through an annual family newsletter. Our commitment to supporting them includes providing clear and straightforward information in print and online as well as holding regular networking events.

  • Structuring wealth

    Working with external specialists, we create efficient holding structures for wealth and advise on tax-efficient investments — from the straightforward, such as pensions and ISAs, to the more complex, such as Enterprise Investment Schemes and more formal family structures. 

  • Inheritance tax

    Our wealth planners help you understand the implications of inheritance tax (IHT) on your estate and how to plan accordingly. Many of our clients require legal or tax advice to assist their IHT planning and the private office leans on its knowledge of the marketplace to ensure we build the right team of advisers for them.

  • Philanthropy

    Philanthropy is extremely important to many of our clients and giving effectively as well as understanding the impact of donations is of paramount importance. We have therefore partnered with a number of external organisations to assist our clients with their charitable donations and provide impact reporting. We are also interested in responding to the demands of the millennial generation to make philanthropy an easier project to engage in.

  • Mortgages and Protection

    Our wealth planners are able to help obtain protection for our clients and their families against unforeseen circumstances such as losing a job, serious illness or premature death. This is particularly important if they have mortgages (and/or dependants) and our planners are also able to advise on and source funding within the mortgage market.

  • Reporting and client service

    We strongly believe in the quality and clarity of reporting to you and your advisers. Our investment managers meet with their clients at least once a year and often in conjunction with their other advisers to report on the success of the investment strategy we have undertaken.

    We offer a suite of communications to make sure you have a clear picture of the state of the investments you have entrusted to us, including quarterly valuations and online access to a portfolio summary.

We believe the following differentiates our offering:

  • Integrated financial planning and the strength of our investment process, which drives investment performance, providing peace of mind to our clients.

  • Our passion for outstanding levels of client service and a sharp focus on meeting their needs by developing close working relationships.

  • Our ability to work with and introduce our clients to a wide network of professional advisers allows us to provide a reassuringly strong total wealth solution.

We help clients understand their wealth and make them aware of all their options. Our personal approach helps to build their understanding of how they can achieve their financial goals.

Thought leadership

The private office is dedicated to providing thought leadership in issues and areas that affect those in the HNW/UNHW space. Below you will find examples of research insights the private office has undertaken to examine the challenges faced by clients and their advisers.

We recently conducted an intergenerational research piece that explores the attitudes to inheritance and impending transfer of wealth from one generation to the next entitled, ‘The generation game’. An extension of this piece was carried out in partnership with the Global Partnership Family Offices that analyses how family offices specifically are addressing the intergenerational transfer of wealth, titled ‘Family fortunes’. We hope these provide valuable industry insight and welcome any feedback or suggested research areas for the future.

We are delighted that the products and services we offer to high net worth individuals and families have been recognised by a number of influential industry bodies, such as Private Asset Managers

The private office team

Penny Lovell
Penny Lovell
CEO, Private Wealth
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Jonathan Moon
Jonathan Moon
Business Development Director
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Tom Carroll
Tom Carroll
Head of Investments for the Private Office
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Tom Little
Tom Little
Business Analyst
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We specialise in helping high-net-worth individuals protect, grow and pass on their wealth. Our holistic service means we can work with various members of the same family, along with their advisers, to provide financial peace of mind for generations to come.
Penny Lovell CEO, Sanlam Private Office

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