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Over time, the performance of the major asset classes has become increasingly correlated. Our range of specialist thematic funds view the investible universe from a different perspective, taking a step back to focus on the themes and megatrends that are likely to drive economic and market performance over the long-term, from social change and demographic shifts to developments in health care and smart technology.

All our strategies have been developed to meet our clients’ diverse and evolving needs and are managed by specialist teams with a wealth of experience in their areas of expertise. 

Our current themes include artificial intelligence, hybrid capital and real assets. These themes can be accessed through a selection of our funds and we believe they are particularly suited to the current market backdrop for the following reasons:

Artificial intelligence is driving change across the world and its influence is set to permeate every part of the global economy, creating compelling investment opportunities. Its broadness means it can provide a much wider and deeper opportunity set than many similar thematic investment ideas.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to help solve some of the world’s largest economic and social problems through a broad universe of industry sectors from industrial robot manufacturers to financial services, healthcare and retail.

A growing number of companies are engaging with artificial intelligence, enabling technology to become cheaper and easier to access, transforming business models and increasing competitive advantage.

The following Sanlam fund invests in artificial intelligence:

Hybrid capital is a ‘subordinated’ form of capital that sits between senior debt and common equity. By investing in high quality issuers lower down in the capital structure, hybrid capital provides an opportunity to achieve higher returns and enhanced yield.

The global hybrid capital market is over USD1.2trn and is a key vehicle for the world’s leading banks, insurance companies, asset managers and corporations.  Typically it is issued by investment grade companies as:

  • Regulators and rating agencies see hybrid debt as equity on the balance sheet due to flexibility of terms

  • Coupon payments are tax deductible as they are seen as interest, which makes hybrid debt cheaper to issue than common equity

  • Investors are compensated for giving this flexibility in the pre-all period

With higher inflation expected as the global economy opens up and interest rates are looking unlikely to rise in the short term, hybrid bonds offer attractive returns compared to the low levels of income provided by government, investment grade and high yield bonds.

The following Sanlam fund invests in hybrid capital:

Real assets form the foundations of any functioning economy, enabling the provision of energy, education, healthcare, food and water, shelter, transport and communications. It is a global theme in every respect.

Real assets exhibit distinct, attractive characteristics that separate themselves from other asset classes, providing portfolio diversification.

The near-term investment backdrop of low interest rates, elevated uncertainties and geopolitical concerns creates a compelling investment case for long-term real assets.

The following Sanlam funds invest in real assets:
How to invest in our current themes:

Sanlam Artificial Intelligence Fund
Designed to provide long-term capital growth through exposure to one of the global economy’s  most important investment themes.
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Sanlam Hybrid Capital Bond Fund
Aiming to generate 5% income per annum (net of all fees). The fund will invest in the subordinated debt of large, household names.
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Sanlam Multi-Strategy Fund
Combining thematic and systematic investment strategies aimed at absolute positive return and income distribution from a portfolio of real assets, corporate and government bonds, plus equity options strategies.
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Sanlam Real Assets Fund
Aiming to provide CPI +4% returns by investing in global listed securities that derive their value from underlying real assets, particularly infrastructure, specialist property and renewable energy.
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