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Sanlam Private Wealth


Our service offering supports a wide range of clients 

  • Individuals

  • Pension funds and corporations

  • Trusts and charities


We offer a wide selection of accounts, depending on individual requirements. We can assists with the following: 

  • General investment accounts

  • Individual savings accounts (ISAs)

  • Self invested personal pensions (SIPPs)

  • Small self administered schemes (SSASs)

  • Onshore/offshore single premium life assurance bonds

  • Onshore/offshore general investment accounts


Why use our stockbroking services? 

  • One-to-one personal relationship with a dedicated investment professional

  • Active portfolio management to ensure your portfolio is constantly managed over time to meet your investment needs and risk

  • For clients who have longer term, strategic aspirations for the management of their wealth and want the stewardship of a professional, whilst having the final say before the execution of any investment or strategy

  • To enjoy the security associated with holding assets with a subsidiary of the Sanlam Group, a leading South African financial services business


What are the different services? 


What is advisory trading? 

  • Clients receive a one-to-one relationship with a dedicated investment professional

  • For clients who want freedom over the composition of their portfolio and wish to actively trade in the market with the guidance of a professional

  • The client ultimately retains control over the portfolio

  • It is aimed at clients who are experienced investors and who have market knowledge

What is advisory managed? 

  • For clients who have a longer term approach to the market but wish to have an input into creating their portfolio

  • We manage the portfolio to enable the client to have piece of mind over their investments

  • Actively managed portfolio keeping clients’ investment needs in line with market and risk profile

  • Portfolio is based on in-house asset allocation with external research included

What is execution only? 

  • A service provided by stockbrokers who buy and sell shares according to client instructions, without offering any advice or management

  • Clients gain access to over 25,000 tradable instruments in local and overseas markets, including  more illiquid stocks that may not be tradable online

  • Access to online valuations

  • Designated point of contact

Investing involves risk and the value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the original amount invested.