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The Sanlam Portal

Your whole life wealth solution

Financial products and services can sometimes just be too confusing. That’s why we developed the Sanlam Portal, a platform that brings together a simple, cost effective range of investment vehicles with common features carefully designed by us. 

There are four distinct phases to financial planning; the creation of wealth, its maintenance and growth, its protection against unnecessary taxation and market loss and, ultimately, its transfer through the generations. And throughout these phases there will be the need for income, access to capital and regular reassurance that all is as it should be.

The Sanlam Portal provides access to all the tools necessary for you to plan your wealth across your lifetime. From regular, tax efficient saving, whether that be for children, education or simply your own needs, to the investment of lump sums, the planning of your retirement or the taking of income in old age. 

See below to view our customer literature: The Portal Client Guide and all you need to know in detail with the terms, conditions and costs. 

What's on the Sanlam Portal?

Through our Portal you can access a comprehensive range of investment vehicles designed to meet your personal circumstances and requirements, some of which may greatly enhance the tax efficiency of your investment portfolio. On the Sanlam Portal you will find:
  • A General Investment Account: A flexible savings and investment vehicle

  • An Individual Savings Account (ISA): Helping you make the most of your annual tax free savings allowance 

  • An Onshore Bond: A tax efficient way to make lump sum investments over the long term 

  • A Personal Pension Plan: A tax efficient method for building and enjoying retirement wealth

‚ÄčYour financial adviser will be able to fill you in on the features, benefits and the risks associated with each of the investment vehicles on the Sanlam Portal.

When you invest through our Portal you will be offered one of two clear pathways, both of which aim to deliver strategies suited to your individual risk profile.

Flexible access to your money

Having investment flexibility is one thing, but at some point you’ll want to realise some or all of your investments. And we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you. 

You can make withdrawals in any one of three ways from your Sanlam Portal ISA, General Investment Account and Onshore Bond:

  • On an ad-hoc basis
  • By choosing a fixed, regular withdrawal
  • By using our "Income Sweep" facility which allows you to enjoy the natural income that may be generated by your investments

And when it comes to taking money from your Personal Pension plan in retirement we’ve created a “flexi access” facility which allows you to:

  • Keep money invested
  • Make lump sum withdrawals 
  • Take a regular income

Or any combination of the above; it’s up to you, and there’s no charge.
We recommend that before you make any form of withdrawal you take professional financial advice so that you are aware of all implications with regards to things like taxation and impact on future income.

Customer Literature

Sanlam Portal Product Guide


Sanlam Portal Key Features and Product Guide


Sanlam Portal T&Cs


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Sanlam Investment and Pensions' products are designed to enable clients to invest through a range of options. These options are primarily linked to stock-market performance and are not guaranteed. Please note that past performance is no guarantee to future performance. Capital is at risk and the investment return may be less than the amount originally invested.

Investing involves risk and the value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the original amount invested.