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Investing your Money

Achieving your Goals

People all over the world trust Sanlam to take care of their wealth.

We have global expertise and understanding, coupled with an established track record and a real desire for the achievement of excellence.  Investing is something we try to do very, very well.

We’ve built a unique set of investment portfolios with one aim in mind: achieving your financial goals. We aim to ensure that the amount of risk you are exposed to in different market conditions doesn’t exceed the level of risk you have agreed with your Wealth Planner.

Our portfolio solutions are managed by the specialist team at Sanlam FOUR. You can meet them and find out more here. 
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Why are you investing?

Investing begins with a goal; goals begin with you.

When do you want to retire?  What size of pension pot will you need?  What do you dream of buying with your ISAs?  What sort of legacy will you leave to your family?  All goals are different and personal.  Some can be difficult to define.

Your Wealth Planner will help you think about the future and can help to set clear, achievable financial goals.  And we’ll invest on your behalf with those same goals in mind.

Managing Risk

The Sanlam Portfolios are designed to help you achieve your financial goals whilst ensuring the amount of risk you are exposed to in different market conditions doesn’t exceed the level of risk you have agreed with your Wealth Planner.

Sanlam Wealth Planners use our own risk profiling system (details of which can be found here) which enables them to match you to 1 of 7 risk profiles named after colours of the rainbow. Starting with Red and moving up to Violet, the risk profiles deliver increasing risk/reward opportunities which are aligned to a composite asset benchmark. Please note that the asset allocation for the Red risk profile is 100% cash, therefore rather than there being a model portfolio available, instead we have available selected cash funds. 
Note: other financial advisers may use another risk profiling system to which the Sanlam Portfolios are appropriately aligned. They will be able to explain this to you.

Useful Customer Guides

A guide to investment terms


How we invest your money


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Sanlam Portfolio Solutions

Our risk targeted portfolios are designed to provide access to the markets whilst always ensuring that your money is managed within your expectations. Each of our portfolios is looked after by a professional investment manager appointed by us on a discretionary basis. By selecting our portfolio solutions you give them the authority to buy and sell assets on your behalf, enabling them to make quick decisions, regularly updating your portfolio, giving you the peace of mind that, as conditions change, your money remains invested as per your instructions. 

Our Solutions

Active Model Portfolios


Passive Model Portfolios


Socially Responsible Model Portfolios


The Income Fund


Sanlam Investment and Pensions' products are designed to enable clients to invest through a range of options. These options are primarily linked to stock-market performance and are not guaranteed. Please note that past performance is no guarantee to future performance. Capital is at risk and the investment return may be less than the amount originally invested.

Investing involves risk and the value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the original amount invested.