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What's New?

March 2015


It gives us great pleasure to inform you of some exciting changes at Sanlam. In recent years we have developed from our South African roots into a fully diversified AA- financial group with a truly global footprint and, as part of that progress, you will notice that we have recently been paying a lot of attention to our branding. 

With immediate effect…

As part of our global rebrand Sanlam Private Investments, our sister company in the UK providing Discretionary Fund Management and advisory and discretionary stockbroking services will become known as Sanlam Private Wealth. 

What does this mean for you? 

Obviously there will be some changes in the way Sanlam Private Wealth looks and, more significantly, as a result of various internal developments, the Investment Managers based in the UK will now be able to draw more deeply from the research expertise offered by their Sanlam Private Wealth colleagues in South Africa thereby strengthening and deepening the offering; an offering we believe to be truly different in this country.

However, there will be no change in the commitment to the provision of an outstanding personal and professional service.

What can you expect?

We look forward to talking to you in detail about what Sanlam Private Wealth offers you and your clients, but as a gentle reminder:  

  • An outstanding service offered to your clients with portfolios in excess of £100,000

  • A personal, professional service provided by the Investment Managers themselves that complements your client offering

  • Bespoke, tailored, risk profiled portfolios

  • Full CGT management and ISA service

  • A distinctive investment process with multi asset portfolios uniquely focusing on high quality investments and disciplined portfolio construction ensuring a consistency of outcomes

  • An attractive, transparent inclusive fee schedule And did you know?

If you use the services of Sanlam Private Wealth within the Sanlam OneSipp then both initial and annual administration product charges normally paid by your client (on managed holdings over £250,000) are waived by us. 

More to come…

We have plenty more to tell you over the coming weeks and months but , in the interim, if you have any questions, want to give feedback or just to want to have a chat we’d love to hear from you. If you use social media, it may interest you to know that we have a growing number of followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are able we would love you to join in and follow us (simply click the buttons at the bottom of this page).

Investing involves risk and the value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the original amount invested.