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Wealth Planning Advice for Private Clients

Continuing advice in retirement & beyond

Retirement is when you stop living at work and begin working at living.

The need for good, sound and sensible financial planning never really goes away.

Having spent a working lifetime saving, buying houses, selling houses and raising a family, the moment finally arrives; the moment when it’s time to contemplate retirement. The next great chapter; an opportunity to do the things, visit the places, and enjoy the life that you always wanted to.

Retirement brings great change and great change requires planning. We believe that the well timed delivery of empathetic, tailored and continuing financial guidance is key to the enjoyment of a long, happy and fulfilling retirement.

With so many of us now living well into old age, indeed, in some cases, living longer in retirement than in employment, financial security is vital; financial security backed up, not only by access to appropriately invested capital and long-term income, but also by a team of suitably qualified and caring Wealth Planners able to listen, act and provide you with the flexible, tailored solutions you need throughout the changes and challenges of your later years.

Everyone wants to look after themselves; it is something that we relish from an early age, valuing our independence, our ability to determine our actions and to make our own decisions.

However, the time may come where this is sadly no longer possible, where you may increasingly need the support of others; people you can trust and upon whom you can rely, whether that be in the comfort of your own home or in accommodation provided by others.

When difficult decisions have to be made, it is important to have all the facts at your disposal to enable you to plan what's best for both you and your loved ones.

Our Wealth Planners can help provide that required security, offering guidance when it’s needed most and helping to ensure that the right decisions are made at the right time; giving advice and delivering solutions without pressure, providing answers that are clear and easily understood and comfort when necessary.

The need for good, sound and sensible wealth planning never really goes away. If anything, as you get older, the need becomes even greater.

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All investments carry risk, although the amount of risk, or the type of risk may vary considerably.  For example, the risk may be that the value of your investment fails to keep pace with inflation, or that in trying to achieve growth in excess of inflation, the value of your investment can both rise and fall. Depending on the type of investment made, you may lose some, or all of your capital.
We would recommend that you only take as much investment risk as necessary to achieve your financial objectives; but never more than you are comfortable with.
Any tax treatment is dependent upon individual client circumstances and may be subject to change. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate taxation and trust advice or legal advice. 

Investing involves risk and the value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the original amount invested.